Scratch Build With John

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Whether you are an experienced scratch builder or someone just starting out in the hobby, this site has options for your specific level of expertise.  It provides much of what you need to get into scratch building, helping you build projects from start to finish.  

Follow along the top menu.  The basics of what scratchbuilding is about, then get started with some great videos, then dive into the projects.

It is not so much about any one hobby; it is about the process. I like to build everything I make from the ground up, using ordinary and cheap materials while taking enormous pride in what I do.  That is why I have so much on here, including trains, submarines, scenery and mountain ranges, boats, pumps, propellers, rustic villages in outback Australia, moving cameras on a self-directing camera boats, automatic depth keeping on a submarine using arduino, and a gun on the front of a little corvette that squirts water with enormous precision and effect.  

With the material on these pages, you will learn to hone your scratch building skills by developing your own personal building style. I would never ask anyone to simply “copy” me. Instead, my site gives you the skills necessary to build what YOU want.

Finally, as this whole program is funded quite precariously, there is a way for you to resolve that.  Click here to find out more