Hello everybody,
Not all of you will know me, I do hope you’ve all heard of me though! I’m John Dutton’s eldest son, and I asked him to hand over his contacts (and a few of mine) so I could reach out to you all. Simply put, my Dad needs our support right now and I thought you might want know how you can help. So despite the length of the email that follows, please, read on.
You would all know by now that Dad has terminal brain cancer, which has forced him stop work to focus on his health. He’s actually doing quite well for the time being and he has a blog you can follow to stay up to date, which he’s been sharing on request to anyone who would like to keep up to date.
I’m getting in touch because he recently launched a Patreon page for his work teaching (and building) the art of scratch building model boats and submarines. I told him about it because I support a few bloggers and podcasters on Patreon. I like Patreon because it gives me a way for me to support creators whose content I love; it’s a way to express my gratitude for their talent and contribution to the world.
Dad has been creating model boats from scratch for as long as I can remember – around 30 years. He’s an artist and a creator, and that’s what Patreon is all about. It’s about supporting talented and dedicated people so they can continue to spend the time it takes to create – for the benefit of others. Dad setup Scratch Build With John (scratchbuildwithjohn.com) 8 years ago and has amassed hundreds of videos teaching the fine art of building boats from scratch – all of which are available online for free and were created at his own expense.
He has always done this in his spare time because, well, he loves it. He’s delightfully passionate about building boats and sharing his unique knowledge and expertise with others (he also gets a real kick out of getting comments from people all over the world). At one time he had a membership service to help with the associated costs, but he soon discovered the scratch building community tend to scratch build… Because it’s cheap. Need I say more?
Moreover, Dad has always had a full time income working primarily in mental health; he worked with community based organisations in leadership roles, which isn’t known for it’s generous salaries – even when you’re the CEO!
Dad’s wife Annette is a writer so she doesn’t have a reliable income; Dad’s youngest son Oscar is 14, eats for 3 and is loving and thriving at high school in Camberwell. This equates to a pretty high cost of living and without Dad’s wage, they’re going backwards by the day. Government support barely covers their rent and so they’re pretty much running on empty.
Needless to say, finances are a huge source of stress for Dad and Annette, who are both struggling to come to terms with Dad’s diagnosis.
So I’m writing to you today because now is the time to show your love and support during this difficult time – it will make the world of difference to him.
I have provided detailed step by step instructions below for how you can support Dad on Patreon. You can pledge as little as $1 or as much as you can afford per month. Even if it’s $1, it doesn’t matter – just to see your name as a patron will mean so much. And if you can, leave a message and tell him you love him and/or what he’s doing.
Feel free to also share this far and wide with anyone who you think might like to help. Dad already has a few patrons he has never met, which he’s pretty chuffed about.
I’m hoping he can raise $3K per month through Patreon. So roughly 50 people contributing $20 – $50 per month and 10-15 people contributing $100 per month is all that’s needed. This will mean they won’t have to worry about how to survive and Dad can just focus on his health…. And building boats! Just think of all those tutorials you could immerse yourself in…? Go on, you know you wanna. 
I have also setup a bank account for one off donations if the whole Patreon thing is too daunting.
So whilst this is primarily about financial support, for me, this is also about acknowledging a lifetime of contributing.
Dad also plans to keep all of his patrons informed on his progress via a newsletter, which might be a nice way to stay informed about his progress… And of course, his latest projects!
I have attached a photo of me with the first submarine Dad built, based on Jules Verne’s ‘The Nautilus’ (Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea). He gave it to me for my 30th birthday – it is the most valuable thing I own.
Much love,
Jonathon xx
How to contribute on PATREON
1) Go to Dad’s page:
Watch the video! Its very Dad.
2) Click on the ‘sign up’ button in the top right hand corner (or log in if you already have an account).
3) Follow the prompts by signing up by email or Facebook.
You will return to the ‘Scratch Build With John’ page after you’ve signed up.
4) Click on the red ‘Become A Patron’ button (top right hand corner).
5) There are $1, $5 and $50 ‘rewards’ you can click on. You can also choose the amount you would like to contribute (IE $20, $30 or $40) so you don’t have to be limited by the reward amounts.
6) Write a comment, he would love to hear from you
7) Share with anyone who might want to support him