On these pages you will see the major projects I have completed and under each a compendium of videos for each project.  This has been such a gratifying process and the videos are strewn with ideas and methods for building that both experienced and new modelers can follow.

I would respectfully suggest that if you want to 'launch' into building submarines, have a look at these preparatory videos. first.

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Current projects, with work to go.  Have to keep busy!

LA 29 Bow Thruster Build 3

Ideas for 3d printing

I have build from scratch on my site several two way pumps, including a brushless bow thruster on the LA. The funny thing is that such items are not available anywhere. My plan is to design a water proof, and non waterproof pumps, both in brushed and non brushed modes and provide the 3D plans for these units. Wish me luck.


HMS Kelly revamp

I am having enormous fun renovating a ‘Deans Marine’ model of the HMS Kelly. This particular boat had to be fished from the bottom of our pond after it suffered a fate similar to that of the original. There are parts missing, but to a Scratch Builder, the job is nearly done. New paint, new turrets, new stern superstructure, brushless power, a real bow as Deans Marine have a hopeless bow (this is such a feature of these plucky little ships), and very sexy portholes. Also a bow head of Lord Louis Mountbatten. -- I’ve learned a lot about him. (joke)


Radio for Subs

Submariners have significant issues finding good quality and yet cheap radios and receivers for their subs. I have spend hours getting my Orange LRS433 to work. It seems that none of the resource on the web have all you need. Check this out for being indecipherable. Some of these resources are brilliant and I will be using them, but there is more to know for the newbie. I have spend frustrated days getting it together. It will be here and with help this will be a great resource for submariners and radio.

1 GPS.MTS_snapshot_00.02_[2016.12.17_10.21.53]

GPS for scale boats

It’s a bit cheeky to put this one up, but I have made a start. A bit of it is working. Unfortunately the Los Angeles took over while I wasn’t looking so this is relegated to the ‘to do’ list.



This is a link to a new series of projects. These are all ‘take aways’ that I extracted from other projects. In fact anything of ‘stand alone’ value. You will find endless amounts of stuff in there which is varied and I think very creative. I am very happy with this but it will always be a work in progress.

These projects are completely finished 

San Pedro, Calif. (Dec. 7, 2006) - The fast attack submarine USS Los Angeles (SSN 688) pulls into the Port of Los Angeles for a namesake city visit. This is the first port call the Los Angeles has made to the city it was named after. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Elizabeth Thompson (RELEASED)

LA Class sub

The pic of course is a dramatic real pic, NOT my model! The videos for the build are underway, and I have seven or so finished videos on the build about the pistons and gear boxes. Lots of lathe work. The rest is well under way and this will become a very nice build blog. None yet to add...



This beautiful little boat was built in 2015. It is from a plan of the ‘Finland,’ a Finnish harbour tug, and still has the lovely lines of older trawlers and coastal vessels before they (tugs) became boxy and deep. There are 42 videos outlining the build from start to finish, with some magic videos on building your own prop. This is the perfect starter for a new scratch builder. It is also featured in the arduino section


Nautilus SSN571

I fell in love with this boat when I read its history. The first nuclear submarine. Google ‘nautilus bars leaks’ for a very interesting story. The build was much easier than the Uboat as the hull is simpler, and I simply adapted everything I have in the Uboat, but with more room to work in. It has a lipo battery inside which gives almost ‘nuclear power’ and the finish of the boat is so nice. That is quite a story and I am as proud of this boat looking like it does at its museum as I am of its operation. There are 40 action packed videos of this build.


Lady Shirley

This boat is my second scratch build and this movie has old footage in it that I just discovered. It is a very indulgent look at a lovely build. I think more than anything you can see what scratch building is from this video. Lots of looking and admiring and satisfaction

1 GPS.MTS_snapshot_00.02_[2016.12.17_10.21.53]

Arduino Automation

This is about taking the plunge and learning how to automate your projects. It was a steep learning curve for me and I hope I have been able to make the road smoother for you! There will be more videos here as I develop the theme. Please be aware I am not an expert in arduino. Also, and more importantly, note that you don’t have to be an expert to do what I have done.


U-Boat U995

This project came about after I visited the Uboat at Laboe in Germany. It has 51 videos and lots of information. The build was a labour of love and as I went I came up with ideas and the boat ‘developed’ around me. Clearly building a Uboat is the hardest task a scratch builder can take on. The hull is complex and the balance, power and operation, as it is in all subs has to be perfect. I had many ideas at the start of this project that changed as I progressed. Then, I hit it with arduino...


Camera Boat

or Tug Cam - This is a growing interest. Having two cameras on a boat to get a ‘boats eye’ perspective on what is happening in the water is absolutely magic. In this section currently I have videos I have taken using the cameras but will have material on building the rotating platforms that are controlled by RC as I go on.


Red Earth Railway

This was a labour of love a few years ago. The red earth comes from the soil of Far North Queensland. What I loved about train building was the lovely mixture of technical problem solving and pure art. We make trees, houses, and it looks very nice. If you are into trains, this is a must. There are 12 videos which are quite long and 23 more in which some very nice project builds are completed such as bridges, pedestrian walkways and ‘kit bashing’ houses.