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  1. Rockson

    Great work done!

  2. mike harrison

    please try to keep things simpler for a old not to smart r/c submarine building (by a kit)

    1. John Dutton

      Hi Mike

      Sorry about that but I start with simple ideas but as I scratch built I have too much time to think and before long I have arduino, sweet spots, compasses, lasers, bow thrusters and God knows what else. I never feel satisfied until I have used up all the pins on the arduino.


  3. Ian Langan

    I remember you offering the plans for the submarine online do you still do that and what would be your cost for this? The sub you build is just mind blowing…

    1. John Dutton

      HI Ian

      Yes if you go to the projects page and to the relevant project the materials are in the tool box John


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