You see I am a scratch builder just like you and therefore at heart a complete cheapskate.  We have so much in common. This does make the whole notion of having a pay site, even for $1, a little awkward.  (Or ‘awks’, as my nephew says)

But, the stuff on this page is all mine, and unlike most reclusive scratch-builders, I make videos and share everything.  That makes me a bit different.  Also a little income (that is all it is) engages ‘her indoors’ in my hobby, but only slightly, which is, I have to admit, perfect. 

So for this reason you can have access to all my work for over 8 years for $1. 


Yes a membership page. Can you believe it?   I mean, scratch builders pride themselves on paying for nothing.   I on the other hand have to pay for this huge amount of work somehow, including my facebook advertising.

That’s why I am offering 8 years of hard work, over 400 videos, for only one $1.  Yes you did read this.  Only $1.   


The sell..  My stuff is completely unique.  Also there are no adds on my site as I hate them, and I try to give you really cheap alternatives to everything you get off the shelf. 

Even the most hardened scratchbuilder's heart must surely be softening?



Create projects to be proud of

I think I have mastered the art of videoing and instructing and I think I have succeeded in getting the balance right with the right amount of detail. I am not that anally retentive. I have been told some of it is quite funny, but that is in the hearing. This site provides access to over 400 hundreds hours of unique scratch building ideas, methods and instruction. Plus it has my very best ideas. Some thought out carefully, and some on the fly. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

U-Boat Model Ship Building

Learn how to master new skills

Full membership costs just a little bit. A bit each month I think is great value, and it will provide a great start into scratch building, or will definitely expand on your knowledge. The submarines alone would cost thousands to buy, but you can build them here for a few hundred, (caveat.. is is an advanced project) and in doing so learn lots of new skills. So, what do you say?